6 Dollar Home Business

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Amazingly, this  6 Dollar home Business is Revolutionizing Automated Home Based Business.  Because it's affordable, easy to start, requires very little work, and comes  complete with everything you need to get started immediately.

To start you earning: Just purchase the $6 Dollar Home Business mini-site package (below) for just $6… set-up your mini-site (exactly like this one), then simply show your site to millions of others online who are looking for a very simple way to make money online! 6 Dollar Home Business is revolutionizing the Home Business market. It is affordable, very reliable, ez to start and has everything necessary to start a Home Business today. There is no reason to wait because it is priced at a very low price.

(This is not an affiliate link.)  All of the profits are yours

This amazing $6 Dollar Home Business sells itself . All you have to do is show your very own mini-site (exactly like this one) to others online and you will immediately start to create your own Home Business, where will start making money online. This is an opportunity to learn how to make money online, but not only that we give you all the tools necessary  to get started. You can start your own Home Business.

“This is NOT multi-level marketing – There are absolutely NO levels! This is NOT a pyramid or matrix program! This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme."

This is your very own passive income, reseller site which includes advertising and marketing materials to show you how to make money online. Your 6 Dollar Home Business-site (exactly like this one) will automatically sell $6 packages for you 24 hours a day. Remember, you are purchasing a fully automated income generating mini-site for only $6 which will be yours forever, and every $6 dollar sale made from your site will go directly to your PayPal account instantly (that’s 100% profit). Your automated mini-site will do all of the selling for you and deliver the product to your customers digitally, automatically, and instantly. It will monetize your site.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a website or your own Home Business but didn't  have the ideas, experience, or know how, $6 Home Business is the best place to start!  This may absolutely be the simplest 100% automated income mini-site ever seen! By signing up today, you could be earning money tomorrow, and getting paid while helping others do the same. So, start today, and take advantage of this extraordinary offer.  

Buy Now  (For the incredibly low price of Only $6 USD)…

(If for whatever reason you have any problems receiving your order immediately after your $6 purchase, please send us an email along with your receipt number)!

Internet Business Seekers, imagine for a moment the reality of logging on to your email account and receiving cash from people all across the net. Can you imagine your excitement when you see $6, $12, $24 or even $36, $60 payments of cash being paid direct to you via your email DAILY for  the rest of your life !? You can start making money now with your very own Niche. Signup today and start earning that extra cash. Have your own Fiverr, use Google adsense, create your own moneymaking blog. 

The sky is the limit. You will be getting paid to help someone else earn money. What a wonderful way to make extra money. Helping Others!

Imagine 1 million people anxiously sending you $6.

"That’s $6 million dollars ($6,000,000) just waiting for you!"

Well! Don’t imagine it because YOU can do it  starting right this minute!!! 

Are you up to your limit in credit cards? Are you facing possible foreclosure? Are you struggling to meet the rent? Are you facing repossession of your auto? Do the kids want new clothes or new phones to keep up with the other kids, or does the oldest one  want a new automobile? Don’t despair!  You can turn your life and that of your loved ones. It's nice to think that this can change your life and turn your financial dilemmas around. 

This amazing $6 Dollar Home Business  Package can so just that. It sells itself! All you have to do is show your very own mini-site (exactly like this one) to others online and you will start to create your own personal cash flow.

Think about this for a moment… why did this page catch your attention?  

That's EZ, because it's simple, affordable, and marketable to everyone and  super quick to implement; 

with you getting Instant, Direct  Profits! 

Yes, you are reading it for the same reason that I did, and many, many others.

" Everyone likes to Get Paid!"

I needed extra cash for my  family. For saving, for traveling, for nights out on the town..etc. And even with my job, that was not enough.  So you see, this mini-site works…(because you are still reading) and the $6 Dollar Millions Mini-Site Package will have people from all over the world anxiously sending you $6 payments. This is not an expensive business opportunity.  I've spent $1000’s on various programs, businesses, and seminars over recent years only to be discouraged by the amount of work it took to get just 1 person to buy. It was frustrating and a waste of time.

This special completely automated mini-site only costs $6, (which is specially priced for everyone) and you’ll have extremely valuable instructions, ads, and marketing tools in your backoffice to get you started making money online quickly.

 "It's just that easy. You can be making money minutes after you set it up."

 Making money from home has never been easier.

As stated earlier, This is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Pyramid or Matrix Program! 

This is your very own reseller site, advertising, and marketing material. Your 6 Dollar Home Business site (exactly like this one)

will automatically sell $6 packages for you all day, everyday 24/7.

It's easy to earn extra cash with this system.   

When your fully automated ($6 Dollar Home Business site)  sells one $6 package, you’ve made $6 bucks… it sells ten $6 packages, you’ve made $60… it sells one hundred $6 packages, you’ve made $600… it sells one thousand $6 packages, you’ve made $6000…

"If you  sell one million $6 packages  YOU'VE MADE $6,000,000!" 


As you would expect with such a great offer and at such a low cost, we are very swamped with orders and  have made it very easy for you to get this special package instantly.

There are a lot of other ways to make money online, BUT THIS ONE BY FAR IS THE EASIEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE!


  • Killer Mini-Site ready to make you Instant 100% Profits with a Steady Stream of $6 Bills.
  • You will own this Mini-Site forever! Simply choose a Web Host and your own Domain Name.
  • 7 Simple Background Images
  • Access to information to instantly create a steady "RESIDUAL INCOME" 
  • Complete Set-Up Instructions will also include very effective Marketing Tools. (No Junk)
  • Access to the top online FREE Credit Based Marketing Safelists. (Completely Spam Free)
  • Access to the most popular FREE Traffic Exchanges and “Manual” Surf Sites. (Not AutoSurfs)
  • FREE Submissions to the Top Search Engines with just 1 click (MSN, Google, etc…)!
  • over 165 in all!
  • The most effective Prewritten Ads and Advertising Banners.
  • Special Section in the Members Area to promote Banners to your Other Programs AND build your downlines.
  • Since you own the site, you won’t ever have to worry about the program vanishing!
  • Since you own the site, you won’t ever have to worry about getting cheated out of sales!
  • YOUR Money is deposited “Directly” and “Instantly” into “YOUR” PayPal account.
  • The Mini-Site automatically & instantly delivers the product to your customers digitally.
  • Easy Set-up & Marketing Instructions – Sign up Today – Be In Business Tomorrow!
  • “Google Adwords Guide” Power E-Book (for those looking to advertise on Google Plus
  • an opportunity to buy a cool tool for keyword research “Keyword Elite”!)
  • Creating A Stream of Traffic And How To Maintain It E-Book
  • Search Engine Detector software (makes it quick and easy to detect search engine spiders on any website you own.)
  • Ultimate Link Building Ebook (the ultimate guide to building links for top search engine
  • rankings.) And more…


How can we afford to give you so much for so little?

Because It Really Works!




Get the entire “$6 DOLLAR MILLIONS” Mini-Site Package:

ORDER TODAY..Or you may NEVER forgive yourself




By continuing with your purchase you agree with our terms/conditions.

Remember, If for whatever reason you have any problems receiving your order immediately after your $6 purchase, please send us an email along with your receipt number)! Please also include your paypal email address for your payments.

 This is Great For Beginners! You’re Supported All The WAY! 

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